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Welcome to the Blackhawks Lacrosse Club


 Welcome to Blackhawks Lacrosse! 

Open to Boys in Grades K through 8 and Girls in Grades 3 through 8 who live in East Brunswick, and surrounding towns that do not have their own lacrosse club.  We are a recreational lacrosse program that prides itself on teaching the game of lacrosse for those that want to go on to play in high school and then college. All of our players are instructed on the game and have equal time in game situations on the field. Our game season runs from March to June with practice and games at the Heavenly Farms turf fields off of Dunhams Corner Road in East Brunswick NJ

The Blackhawks Lacrosse Club is a proud member of the East Brunswick Coalition of Athletic Organizations and is supported, in part, through an indirect grant from the Township of East Brunswick Recreation and Parks Department.

Game Schedule For The Weekend Of April 26th/27th

Home Saturday April 26th
Heavenly Farms located at 440 Dunhams Corner Road, East Brunswick, NJ

Field A 

8-8:45AM Blackhawks 3/4 VS East Windsor 3/4
9-9:45AM Allentown 3/4 VS East Windsor 3/4
10-10:45AM Blackhawks 3/4 VS Allentown 3/4
11-11:45AM East Windsor 5/6A VS Allentown 6
12-12:45PM East Windsor 5/6A VS Hillsborough 6
1-1:45PM Allentown 6 VS Hillsborough 6
2-2:45PM East Windsor 7 VS Allentown 7
3-3:45PM Blackhawks 7 VS Allentown 7
4-4:45PM Blackhawks 7 VS East Windsor 7

Field B 

8-8:45AM Blackhawks 5/6 VS East Windsor 5/6B
9-9:45AM Allentown 5 VS East Windsor 5/6B
10-10:45AM Blackhawks 5/6 VS Allentown 5
11-11:45AM Blackhawks 8 VS East Windsor 7/8A
12-12:45PM Allentown 8 VS East Windsor 7/8A
1-1:45PM Blackhawks 8 VS Allentown 8

Away Sunday April 27th at Jackson located at Holman Field- 133 Manhattan Street, Jackson, NJ
(Approximate Travel Time 45-55Min)

8:00am Blackhawks 3/4 VS Jackson 3/4
9:00am Blackhawks 5/6 VS Jackson 5/6B
10:00am Blackhawks 7 VS Jackson 7/8B
11:00am Blackhawks 8 VS Jackson 7/8A

Away Sunday April 27th at Hillsborough

Clinic(K-3) Tournament


Practice Schedule for the week of April 21st

Tuesday April 15th - Heavenly Farms
Clinic 5-6:00pm
3rd/4th Grade - 6-7:30pm
5th/6th Grade - 6-7:30pm
7th Grade -7 - 8:30pm
8th Grade -7 - 8:30pm

Wednesday April 16th
Clinic 6:30-7:30pm

Thursday April 17th - Heavenly Farms
Clinic 5-6:00pm
3rd/4th Grade - 6-7:30pm
5th/6th Grade - 6-7:30pm
7th Grade -7 - 8:30pm
8th Grade -7 - 8:30pm


Thursday Night April 3 is Uniform Pickup - Wednesday, April 02, 2014
In response to numerous inquiries, in an effort to keep family
costs down and keep all the players wearing the complete team uniform, we have made a change to the uniform distribution for this year.
In exchange for the complete uniform, we will be asking all players for a $40 bond. Upon returning the uniform at the end of the season we will provide the player with a Blackhawks t-shirt and return the bond check. Anyone failing to return the uniform by the designated date will have their bond check(s) cashed.
Please be prepared to provide a check payable to "East Brunswick Blackhawks" for the bond amount of $40 post-dated to June 1st, 2014 during uniform distribution tomorrow night.